SCP-087-B is an object that makes noises, it's a game developed by the infamous Kalle Havumäki. After sending it to Amazon and getting it shipped from Hong Kong, he gave it to someone else and things happen. After Kalle Havumäk's death, his severed head has appeared in first version of the game to warn those of their fate, before blessing them with the Resisposse.


You need to be male to control the game as it is controlled by the Expand Dong™ and do things. If the game shakes, it will give maximum granola.

To escape the game, you just need to open your mouth and accept the large cock of the Red Mist Monster.


The game contains rooms, big rooms, small rooms, slightly tinier rooms, slightly neutral rooms, a big tiny room, and winding staircases.

There's also a window, it is not sure yet if Kalle Havumäki can get you from here, but there is a tiny horse behind it if you have a passion good love of containment.


The 'things' in the game that will fuck you for granola, labeled as 'Monstahs', can fuck you for granola and will in the stairwell.

Kalle HavumäkiEdit

The main bad guy, he can give you a blessing of Resisposse but can turn on you at any moment. He comes out of nowhere and rekts you.

A Tiny HorseEdit

The horse, he will do things. If you watch him ride a ball, you will see hallicunations of Jorge before having a chorus of GOOD LOVE OF CONTAINMENT and slowly, painfully dieing in a deep sleep.


You don't see Kalle Havumäki, Kalle Havumäki sees you!


  • SCP-087-B is the best surival horror game out there.
  • It was most likely made by the creator of SCP:CB after the death of Kalle Havumäki.
  • It's actually a simulator.
  • It's about stairs.


  • Some of the bricks in the texture are pushed in.
  • Some of the bricks have some sort of white stuff on them, this is most likely the cum of the tiny horse.
  • The door is most likely locked with a 40x25 pixel chain.
  • The doctor isn't actually real, he's just a sound file that is made to sound real. This is verified if you go outside of the map and realize that there'\s actually no rooms behind the door.
  • The facts above are false, but so is this sentence. And everything I said, including this sentence. If you actually believed this, you fucking dumbass.

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