PoopSCP-450, known as "Abandoned Federal Penitentiary", is a SCP object found in SCP: Containment Breach.


SCP-450 is the death row block of the abandoned ██████████ Federal Penitentiary in █████████, ██. Distance from entrance to the exeuction chamber is approximately 166.5 meters. A complex pattern, drawn in human blood is located on the wall behind the electric chair. This pattern slowly degrades over time due to normal enviromental decay and must be maintained regularly.

The cell block is inhabited by what appears to be one or more hostile spectral entities. Attracting the attention of said entities is invariably fatal, and may or may not occur due to one of the following criteria:

  • Entering the cell block by any means other than the main door.
  • Moving at a speed greater than 0.25 meters per second.
  • Staying in the cell block for more than 25 minutes at a time.
  • Entering the cell block more than once every 24 hours.
  • Operating any electronic device.
  • Any sound louder than ca. 25 dB.

Personnel assigned to maintain the containment pattern are instructed to silently walk down the center of the main hallway at a slow but steady pace. As it takes approximately eleven minutes to walk to the execution chamber at maximum safe rate of travel, personnel will have only three minutes to work on the pattern and still have enough time to reasonably guarantee a safe exit from the facility. Those who fail to respect this deadline are encouraged to remain at the execution chamber and die gracefully rather than lower the morale of other personnel with their inevitably messy and painful demise.

Auditory and visual hallucinations (including spectral voices, bleeding walls, and poltergeist activity) are considered normal. Lack of same is cause for concern. Personnel are encouraged not to investigate any dead bodies, supernatural activity, or rotting remains.


SCP-450, the death row block has a lot of long hallways leading to its exeuction chamber, containing a electric chair. The player cannot use S-Nav or a radio inside SCP-450, because spectral entities spawn itself. Most dead bodies, rotting remains, or any supernatural activity are found in SCP-450, which create a jumpscare for the player.


  • SCP-450 was previously part of as a mod for v0.3.2. After version 0.5, SCP-450 was added, now with some textures ripped from its game.