PoopSCP-860 isAND THERE GOES YOUR DESCRIPTIONto return. Other D-Class personnel have either been killed by what has been reported to be a mysterious creature, or have gotten lost and disappeared into the forest.

In-GameOH, I;m SO BLOODY SORRYhe v0.6 game files. IM SORRY WILSSSSOOLOONNNNNAs SCP-860 has not been added to the game yet, the forest is inaccessible without editing \Data\rooms.ini file. One should type "commonness = 100" in the "[forest]" section of the file and use console commands, "noclip on" and "teleport forest", in order to get into the destination.Edit



  • SCP-860-1 has been added since v0.6 but was unaccessable without using console commands.